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The McCalmont Engineering Team

Darlene McCalmont—CEO

Darlene McCalmont is CEO and cofounder of McCalmont Engineering.  Ms. McCalmont cofounded McCalmont Engineering as a majority Woman-Owned Small Business to focus on the emerging opportunity and need for premier design services for large and utility-scale solar power plants.  As the CEO, Ms. McCalmont manages all aspects of project delivery including design, engineering, drafting, and project master planning. 

Ms. McCalmont has over 30 years of experience managing operations for businesses with complex production processes.  Prior to founding McCalmont Engineering, Ms. McCalmont was cofounder and Vice President of Operations for Regrid Power, one of California’s largest and most respected solar companies, before its sale in late 2008.  Other prior experience includes Operations Manager for Clean Harbors Corporation, a company that disposes of hazardous chemicals through environmentally-sound methods, and Operations Manager for Celanese Corporation, where she had many years of experience managing large, complex commercial chemical production lines.

Ms. McCalmont has written two feature articles for Solar Pro magazine, sharing her operations expertise.  The first woman in California to become a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional, Ms. McCalmont holds an MBA from the University of Houston and a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Ohio State University.

Tom McCalmont, P.E.—President

Tom McCalmont is President and cofounder of McCalmont Engineering. A serial entrepreneur and inventor with 13 U.S. patents, Mr. McCalmont has a successful 35 year track record of applying new technology to solving real world problems.  As an experienced business executive with 12 years' experience building successful solar businesses, Mr. McCalmont's areas of expertise include solar design engineering, applications for energy storage systems, and business case analysis for energy solutions.

Prior to founding McCalmont Engineering, Mr. McCalmont was cofounder and CEO of Regrid Power, a leading California solar integrator that grew into a $20 million company prior to its sale in 2008. 
Mr. McCalmont's passion for innovative technology solutions and the solar industry also drives his interests in charitable causes.  In 2006, Mr. McCalmont cofounded SolarTech, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating adoption barriers to the proliferation of solar power.  Mr. McCalmont serves on the Board of Directors of Solmetic Corporation; on Joint Venture Silicon Valley's Climate Prosperity Council; and on the Board of Trustees of Muskingum University.   

Mr. McCalmont holds an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a BS degree in Physics from Muskingum University.  Mr. McCalmont has completed the AEA/Stanford executive MBA program and was awarded an honorary Sc.D. degree from Muskingum University in May 2013. 

Charlie Dearie—Energy Systems Engineer

In 2010, Mr. Dearie joined McCalmont Engineering as an Energy Systems Engineer to focus on the emerging need for engineering design services for large-scale solar power plants. Mr. Dearie designs and engineers PV systems with a cost effective approach, while maintaining energy reliability and performance. During his time with McCalmont Engineering, Mr. Dearie has incorporated SCADA curtailment systems, MV interconnections, and energy storage into complex PV system designs. Mr. Dearie has an extensive knowledge of electrical engineering safety, including the National Electrical Code, and solar industry manufacturer products, technology, and modeling tools, including PVsyst and System Advisor Model (SAM). In 2013, Mr. Dearie was invited to participate in a National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) SAM Technical Review Committee to evaluate and help further develop the SAM modeling tool.

Mr. Dearie’s PV experience began in 2005 when he joined Regrid Power as a PV Systems Engineer. While at Regrid Power, Mr. Dearie’s responsibilities involved quality assurance of design and installations, code compliance, diagnosis and repair of defective PV systems, CAD designs, and field project management. Mr. Dearie holds a BS in Applied Physics from University of California, Santa Cruz and is a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional.

Aaron McCalmont, P.E.—Energy Systems Engineer

Aaron McCalmont joined McCalmont Engineering in 2012 as an Energy Systems Engineer to focus on energy systems engineering and design on a national level.  Mr. McCalmont has over 10 years of experience in the solar industry using a wide range of solar products and technology, including CPV, fixed-tilt, single-axis tracking, and dual-axis tracking.  Mr. McCalmont’s direct project management and engineering expertise has contributed to more than 10 MW of completed photovoltaic projects.  Prior to McCalmont Engineering, Mr. McCalmont was a senior project manager for two CPV companies—GreenVolts and Skyline Solar—designing and integrating PV into the U.S. market in high DNI (direct normal irradiance) areas.  Prior to GreenVolts and Skyline Solar, Mr. McCalmont held several key positions at Regrid Power, an EPC focused on delivery of photovoltaic systems into the U.S. market. 

Mr. McCalmont is a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional, and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University.


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